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Leadseeker – drug delivery instrumentation


A multi modality imaging system to meet the demands of the pharmaceutical industry


Suitable for the detection of

•  fluorescence intensity


•  fluorescence polarization

•  time-resolved fluorescence

•  luminescence

•  scintillation proximity assays (SPAs)

We were engaged as industrial designers and project managers to convert a laboratory prototype into a saleable instrument for the global pharmaceutical market. We also designed the product architecture and all the casework & chassis which had to be totally light tight as the $75K camera is capable of ‘seeing’ 1 photon of light


$1M per system with a global market estimated at 8, 12 were sold


We managed the procurement, build and testing & delivery of the first 10 instruments, before it was transferred to Amersham. A huge team effort of micro biologists, physicists, software and hardware engineers, orchestrated by industrial designers

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